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Your Security : you have a major role to play

Your Security :You have a major role to play.

As usual i would tell you a real life story that happened to somebody I know this month so we all would agree my monthly write-ups are real life experiences and very practical. I intend to make it fortnight very soon .

For the some reasons I would make it fiction. We have two major cast namely Sade and Iya Bose ( her boss). So it all happened this day iya bose was to pay nepa bill so she instructed Sade to head over to her shop at about 5km away from Bose’s location to collect money to pay nepa bills for the house before nepa cut off the light.

When Sade alighted at her first stop and was about to take keke she noticed a man touched her on the shoulder she felt different and insecured but still went along to her destination .On reaching ,fortunately for her she told her madam all that transpired and was asked if she was OK and she said yes.Her madam was still in doubt so she told Sade not to pay the nepa bill again but go back home and collected all the money from her .

Sade left for home and her madam continued calling every 3minutes just to ensure she had gotten home safely. After a while Sade stopped picking her calls and her madam was worried .she however continued until somebody picked and told her that Sade slumped and is unconscious on the road. Iya Bose had to abandon all she was doing and went straight to sade’s location and saw her on the floor ( all effort to resuscitate Sade proved abortive).she rushed her to the hospital and Sade was unconscious till in the evening and went into coma again.

the hospital also prevails in prayers so it was double combination ( oxygen and deliverance prayers)………Sade finally woke up after about 2 days but could not talk ,she could only write. She later got her complete sanity and is now OK.

The moral lesson of the story is that ;

1 Always communicate your whereabouts even if you feel the other person is insignificant.
2.Always relate your experiences in details to whomever that needs to know.just imagine if she had not told her madam what initially happened
3.In these ember months be extra security conscious.
4.Every information is important.
5.You have a major role to play in your security.

Its not about not going out at night which is also important but ensuring you are security concious .Be alert of that passer by, that keke man, that driver , the person seating next to you in a bus, that taxi driver, the bike man. When you get an inch of bad vibes plz flee.

I hope this was informative.

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Your security is in your hands.

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